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Male Project Lead required for a VR/ AR Solutions Enterprise at Noida

We're helping to hire for an Immersive technology solutions company that is helping solve real-time issues and reduce customer interaction for industries like automotive, defense, power, education and many more.

To qualify you must

  • Have around 7 to 8 yrs of experience into Project Management with a proven track record of handling multi-functional and location teams

  • Have technical skills in Java apps, Web development, RDBMS, App server, Visual tools, voice servers, Operating systems, Case tools, etc

  • Be able to technically guide team into planning, scheduling, and release, along with solving problems

  • Be responsible for handling billing and budget for the project, recruitment, and training of the team providing them direction for effective teamwork and results.

Apply on https://www.myunnati.com/job-description/?file=040220011827 

#projectmanagement #projectlead #java #webdevelopment #rdbms #appserver #visual #voiceserver #operatingsystem #casetool #techsolution #noida

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