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The World-Class Recruitment Experience

Reduced Turn-Around Time to Hire the Best

With a database of 20 Lakh+ profiles, and access to 50+ educated professional recruiters with functional experience we understand and deliver on your needs better!

Thorough Quality Checks on Candidates

Our proprietary comprehensive candidate screening report allows you to make quick decisions about candidates and saves the precious time wasted on engaging with wrong candidates. 

Tech-Driven Automated Workflows 

With 3 levels of quality checks done on each candidate, we assure that you only hire the best fit for your organization

With our SalesForce powered processes and best-in-class ATS built by InfoEdge we provide access to information with a single click!

Those Who Trust Us

Neeraj Biyani, Founder

The Unnati team was very patient & persistent, and helped us hire exactly the type of talent we wanted while saving us a lot of time and money in the process.

Hari Nair, Co-Founder

Unnati team truly partnered with us in helping us hire critical people ... their thorough screening reports saved the time we would have wasted in meeting irrelevant profiles. I would recommend them for any company which is looking to hire niche profiles in the e-learning domain.

Ajay Tandon, Partner Operations

I commend Akshay and his team at Unnati for their strong client focus and professionalism in understanding, researching and iterating for the right fitment and sharing the urgency for successful closure of search assignments.

Nakul Kumar, Co-Founder

We wanted to hire someone to head HR for a fast-growing startup. Unnati was able to understand the kind of person we wanted very well and in fact the first CV they sent us was finalized by us and has been a great hire for us.

Deep Bajaj, Founder & CEO

Brilliant team, highly recommend them for startup hiring! I particularly like their candidate screening process.

Mayank Arora, VP - HR

...The recruiters who work with Unnati are dedicated  and meticulous when it comes to understanding and recruiting for various roles. They simply do not believe in wasting your time by sharing junk profiles/shortlists that are not even close to one’s requirements, their work is rather sharp and neat.

Atul Todi, Co - Founder & CEO

Unnati is solving a critical problem. Have worked with multiple consultants before, but always suffered lack of performance and willingness to understand the need of a growing startup. Unnati has been proactive and supportive in all possible way...

Aman Gupta, Co - Founder

We're happy with the speed and aggression of Team Unnati, and recommend them to growing startups looking to hire quality talent

Our Focus Sectors


B2B Tech Startups
B2C Tech Startups
Co-working & Real Estate 

What's Unique About Us


Co-Working & Real Estate

B2B Tech Startups



B2C Tech Startups



We have heavily automated proprietary processes that allow us to find the best talent quickly for you.



We have a unique team at Unnati - An all-women, remote based team! With Unnati you not only access the best recruiters but also empower these women to create waves of change.


A flat transparent pricing for all our clients. You don't need to worry about negotiating for the best rate.

Why Partner With Us

We Sell Your Brand Story

As competition for top talent continues to heat up, the importance of telling your employer brand story and telling it right has become increasingly important. We believe in communicating your values, culture and personality effectively to find the perfect fit for your organization!



We Are Process Oriented

Think of us as McDonald's of recruiting companies. We aspire to have the type of consistency that McDonalds is famous for - a burger tastes the same no matter where/ when/ who serves it. That's a core driving philosophy behind our efforts towards automation, process standardization, and quality systems.

We Love Start-Ups

Many recruitment consultancies eye larger more traditional businesses in a bid to make more money. While money drives us, it is not the be all and end all of our existence. We feel so proud when a start-up we helped, becomes a giant in its industry..... We love the excitement of it all!


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