• arushiaggarwal

Director (B-school) required for a Prestigious Business School at Gurgaon

We're helping to hire for a premier educational institute that is recognized as a UNGC PRME, with 5 campuses across North India

To qualify you must

- Have about 15 to 20 yrs of experience in the field of education management with a Ph.D. in management from a reputed institute

- Have worked as a Dean, Director, Sr Professor, etc in a B-school

- Be able to organize, plan to manage the P&L responsibilities of an educational institute by building a strong relationship with business community

- Be able to provide strategic direction to the business school in alignment with its mission and values

Apply on https://www.myunnati.com/job-description/?file=040220004088

#director #educationmanagement #progessor #resourceallocation #programadministration #budgeting #planning #pandl #academicprogram #bschool #gurgaon


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