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Tips to boost your online job search

The internet has become the predominant source for job search for all kinds of professionals. While recruiters rejoice at the sheer amount of options available, many job seekers are still finding themselves lost in the noise unable to land that dream job.

There is a multitude of jobs available online but how do you know if that is all there is. The availability of hundreds of jobs on one portal does not mean you limit yourself to just one site. With global players like Jooble spreading their wings in India, there are more options to choose from for jobs you want to apply to.

Here are some things you can keep an eye out for when looking for jobs online.

  • Choose the right keywords

Always ensure that you pick the right keywords when hunting for jobs online. For example, if you are a software engineer, do not just use the words engineer for your job search. Use related keywords like software, IT, IT engineer etc to strengthen and streamline your search results. Experts recommend using a Boolean job search mechanism. If you find the Boolean search too complicated to understand, opt for search engines like Jooble whose advanced search section offers you the option of searching with various keywords in a simpler manner.

Speaking of keywords, you need to also ensure that you have a resume that has all the right keywords relevant to your profession to be spotted by recruiters online. If you need a brand new concise resume, Unnati has some affordable resume writing services that you can avail of.

  • Check out the filters

A good job search engine will always provide you ample filters to boost your efforts. Some filters that are a must that can help you narrow down your search include the number of years of experience, the location, the range of salary, and the recency of the posting among the others.

Online job portals are full of listings but they may all not be relevant for you. These filters will help you save time by showing you exactly what matched your profile.

  • Don’t be scared of exploring

One of the many ways of increasing your chances of landing a job is to look for one on as many platforms possible. Some sites like Jooble make it easier for job seekers by offering all the right features using the tips above. It filters our duplicate jobs and shows you unique results so you don’t waste time looking through the same postings again and again.

Make sure to follow these tips to land a new job faster. Always makes sure to keep updating your resume to catch the recruiters. Unnati recommends a one-page resume in a modern design that can help your future employers know you as a candidate in less than a minute.

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