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Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Every company imparts training to its new employees. It is required so that the new employees are able to understand and maintain the rules and regulations of the company as also the processes that will need to be followed during the tenure of the employee/s working there.

We are also aware that rules, regulations and processes cannot remain the same through out the company’s lifetime. As there are new methods that are introduced, new technology that can be used, change in size of employees or company itself, all these factors influence change in the way we work. In such cases, there is always a need to upgrade the employees of these changes and give them the chance to prove themselves in the newer enviornment.

This requires that they be trained regularly and given new systems to work on, so they can improve on their skills, bring about change in their approach as required, and grow professionally and intelligence wise. All this requires a lot of thinking and planning from the top managers.

We at Unnati are also undergoing a lot of change over the last many weeks and months. There seems to be a constantly buzzing feeling about what will come next. But it is a good change that we see and lot of improvements constantly happening to our process, our system gettng a super upgrade. This at a recruiter level might look as sometimes haphazard or irrelevant. But something that needs change in attitude at all levels requires guts and involves an immense thought process running behind it.

We are surely a lucky lot when it comes to the constant movement happening here as we are creating a base for who ever will join us in future.

We also have been getting that regular upgrades and training help so we also regulate the work and quality of work that we do. This is the time that we can thank our support team and our BOSS, who have all ensured that there is a smooth transition from our manual working style to this super automated process.

Thank you Unnati!

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