Overcoming Fear of Facing Job Interviews

Updated: Jan 24

Do you have an Interview coming up?

Do you think you should prepare for it?

Well, we beg to disagree. You should prepare yourself to succeed in the job, and the interview is something that you will tackle and clear automatically if you're prepared for the job.

Think about it like this - an employer is equally needy to find the right person for the job. They want to hire someone as it is a critical business need for them. And the interview process is a way for them to truly assess you and get a good picture of your skills and capabilities with respect to the job.

When done properly, the Interview is not a test of your interviewing skills but your skills and capabilities with respect to the job. So if you possess the necessary skills and capabilities needed for the job, then the interview is merely an interaction to showcase your fitment for the role.


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